"If we find ourselves struggling against overwhelming odds and strong opponents with courage and perseverance, we have triggered the archetype of the hero."   Joseph Campbell

​Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer, teacher and storyteller, described in the book The Hero With a Thousand Faces the common elements found in mythic adventures throughout the history of mankind. These workshops are inspired by and founded on the archetype of the hero and the stages the hero progresses through as described by Campbell.

What will it take for you to bring forth your hero within?

The Hero's Journey Workshops and Group Coaching Sessions are designed to help individuals recognize and awaken the hero within as they traverse their life journeys. Every person called upon to begin the hero’s journey lives through their own trials and triumphs, meets allies and fights foes and is rewarded for their efforts.  Calling upon their inner hero one must ultimately face their dragons and be transformed. Using a multimedia approach (video clips, art, poetry, journaling and discussion) workshops and group coaching sessions offer opportunities to examine your own experiences of being the hero in your life. Reviewing the stories of heroes both fictional and non-fictional and spending time with the self reflection questions you will gain insight, inspiration, and confidence!


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JoAnn Dorio Burton, CPRP, is an author, consultant, life coach and trainer. She has presented at numerous workshops and plenaries in the past 20 years. She has developed and facilitated life/work skills training classes throughout her career and in 2018 she received the Psychiatric Rehab Practitioner award for her life long work. Co-created with Kristin Becker the original Hero’s Journey curriculum has been adapted to reach people with mental health concerns, teens, caregivers, elders, people struggling with weight issues and personal finances, helping professionals, and those on the path to find their authentic self. She is available to design a Hero's Journey curriculum to address your specific target audience as well as provide individual mentorship using the stages of the journey as outlined by Joseph Campbell.

JoAnn is the Coordinator of Social and Vocational programs at Windhorse Community Services in Boulder, Colorado. She has a BA in Therapeutic Recreation and Sociology from Lehman College, CUNY and attended the Transpersonal Counselor Program at Naropa University.