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June 14th, 2021

Joseph Campbell suggests that myths give us a way to understand the world and ourselves. Campbell identifies the Hero's Journey as the "monomyth" as this story is told in different forms throughout the world and throughout time.

Most journeys begin with a question. David Whyte writes in his poem Sometimes, about the power of questions and invites us to reflect upon questions "that can make or unmake a life, that have no right to go away."  In one version of the Hero's Journey story of Parsifal, Parsifal asks the wounded Fisher King  "What ails thee?" 

So I ask you...What ails you? 

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June 14th, 2021

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June 8, 2021

Joseph Campbell, was a seeker of truth and devoted his life to uncovering the themes or archetypes that would reveal our common psychological roots, the universality of our human nature and experience, and the depths of the soul itself. His genius was in weaving together myth, religion, science and art, creating a tapestry of archetypal pulses that have stirred the human spirit throughout history. Although Campbell uncovered many archetypal themes in his pursuits, he described the Hero's Journey as a monolith, the one universal myth that can be seen throughout the world and throughout history. Stories such as the Odyssey, Star Wars, The Hobbit, The Arthurian Legends, The Wizard of Oz, Finding Nemo, Harry Potter, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, The Matrix and the Lion King all exemplify the Hero's Journey narrative. These stories depict the personal transformation the hero undergoes as they leave their familiar, known life to venture into the unknown, journeying through deliberate and expected stages that Campbell laid out.

"Campbell has become one of the rarest of intellectuals in American life:

a serious thinker who has been embraced by the popular culture."

Newsweek Magazine 1987

Joseph Campbell saw universal myths and stories as our personal myths and stories and that the Hero's Journey can be seen as our own life journey.

My vision and the work I am involved in is aligned with Joseph Campbell's intention of using myths and stories to articulate and bring meaning to the lives of everyday people. Join me as we venture to create a new narrative for ourselves, recognize our Inner Hero's and be transformed!

"It's very gratifying to know that this little book of mine is doing what I wanted it to do, namely to inspire an artist whose work is actually moving in the world."

Joseph Campbell

Pathways to Bliss

Suggested reading: The Hero's Jouney: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work or to learn more about the life of Joseph Campbell please visit the Joseph Campbell Foundation: www.jcf.org

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January 16, 2020

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