Testimonials - Hero's Journey Workshops

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."  

Nelson Mandela

From Workshop Participants:

"Thank you for bringing the Hero's Journey® Workshops to Naropa.  You are a masterful facilitator with a caring and heartfelt approach.  You created a warm and trusting environment for group members enabling them to share deeply meaningful content from their experience.  It was a very special seven weeks.  It was an honor and a pleasure to experience the creativity you brought to making the hero's journey come alive for each of us. With gratitude. "~ Former Program Director at Naropa

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"This was such a safe, comfortable, open space to share and be vulnerable with one another. I found myself opening up and sharing a lot." ~ Naropa student participant

"It helped me review my life and see a turning point."

 ~  Naropa student participant

"What a terrific group of people, and I want to tell you I was knocked out by how well the group was led." ~ Naropa student participant

"I was pretty dejected, negative and hopeless when I went in, but the workshop (and the time in between thinking about stuff) helped me end up coming to my own personal conclusion that was much more positive and empowering, and even humorous at times." ~ Caregiver participant

"I liked the positive and productive approach. I loved the sharing and open dialogue, the trustworthy atmosphere. I enjoyed the content and the process. Discovering our own path is the best way to go. Plus tying it all together with art at the very end was perfect. A nice surprise for me. I enjoyed the people and different experiences and perceptions." ~ Caregiver participant

"Good pace...very interactive. It also had a good variety: talking, sharing, presenting, film clips, poetry." 

 ~ Caregiver participant

"I wanted to see how the hero's journey applies to the caregiver - total success!" ~ Caregiver participant

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"JoAnn was very empathetic and had good input 

when I was struggling." ~ Caregiver participant

"She balanced the tricky task of moving class along while encouraging each of us to share and cover all topics."

~ Caregiver participant

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"I needed "something" to to enrich my own view. This workshop helped me find "something." 

~ Caregiver participant

"I really enjoyed the group engagement and discussion on some difficult topics. It was a good reflection of the battles I face and where I am in the journey." 

~ Business team member

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"Gave me strength to move forward and that it is OK to reach for help." ~ Business team member

"The workshop helped me explore many of the issues I was having but also allowed me to ask for help while improving our work and culture as a team." ~ Business team member

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"The workshop gave me a lot of food for thought and how to direct my mind to achieve the best." 

~ Business team member

"Very thought provoking." ~ Business team member

"It gave me the opportunity to go deeper with my teammates; to know we share in this journey." 

~ Business team member

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"It was a safe space to process my specific journey. Acknowledging my resistance to accepting the journey and its difficulties was emotionally challenging. But, once I verbally processed things, I felt relief and supported."  ~Caregiver participant

"The whole experience made it clear to that becoming a caregiver again is a major part of "The Adventure of My Life" and I am its hero. Then came the treasure, the sincere sharing and camaraderie among people who were initially totally stranger was very heart warming."

-Caregiver Participant