Hero's Journey®Workshops

"Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. The very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be 

the source of what you are looking for." Joseph Campbell

​Hero’s Journey® Workshops and Trainings

​​Workshop Themes:

Recovery from Mental Health Challenges

Path to Well-being


Discovering  and Living From your Authentic Self

Hero's Journey® Workshops for the Helping Professional

Wellness and Weight Management

Transforming the Relationship to Your Personal Finances

Older Adults and Retirement

Women in Transitions

Launching into Young Adulthood 

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"Questions that can make or unmake a life

questions that have patiently waited for you

questions that have no right to go away."

David Whyte

Intent of Hero's Journey® Workshops

Hero’s Journey® Workshops offers the opportunity for individuals to:

❖ awaken the “hero” within
❖ reflect upon life experiences through the different stages of the hero's journey
❖ gain insights and heighten awareness leading to more life choices and self efficacy
❖ acquire a new narrative, language and concepts about the journey that are affirming, empowering and humanizing
❖ share experiences and insights with fellow travelers allowing for new discoveries and support 
❖ acquire new and effective approaches (knowledge, skills and perspectives) in dealing with tests, foes and challenges
❖ build and sustain motivation and discipline
❖ identify mentors and allies who can provide inspiration, guidance and hope
❖ honor struggles as a vehicle to accessing the hero within and understand the role that acceptance, forgiveness and grief play on the journey

❖ identify and befriend one's dragons

❖ allow for the retelling of one’s life story

From:                                                        To:

Victimhood                                         Personal  Responsibility

Disempowerment                             Empowerment

External locus of control                 Internal locus of control

Hopeless                                              Hopeful

Self loathing                                        Self compassion

Weak/helpless                                   Inner strength

Pessimistic outlook on life              Optimistic outlook

Low self esteem                                 Confident

Fearful                                                  Courageous